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The Salmon River is one of the most prestige?s river in northern New York the beauty of the surrounding area is just amazing. The Salmon River is home to a verity of species of fish from the Trout to the salmon there is a huge feeling of peace and tranquility to the area. When you are fishing the salmon river and its surrounding tributaries you are fishing in a place that?s rates close to a trip to Alaska. There is no other river that has more fish in New York that can give the ability to target the size or amount of species in one place. Whether you are a fly fisherman or a person who loves conventional tackle you can experience the fun and adventure of fishing. They Start their adventure in the hatchery and are released into the river during the spring they will stay in the river until they are able to make their way down to Lake Ontario. Where they will stay for two to three years feeding on bait fish and growing to sizes of 12 to 30 pounds. Once they have reach maturity in the fall they begin their way up the river to start spawning. There is some natural spawning that dose happen in the river. They migrate up the river and tributaries to begin looking for their spawning ground which generally is a nice piece of grovel that they can begin making their nest. This time we are able to pursue them in the river and begin to target them with flies such as woolly bugger and other types of streamers. They will continue their journey until they reach the hatchery to which the process starts all over again. 


Here at Ricks Guide Service we offer the best professional and knowledge with over 25 years of experience in the Lake Ontario tributaries and surrounding trout streams. We specialize in all species of fish in the water in which we guide on. Whether you are looking for Pacific Salmon or native Brook Trout you can be assured you have chosen the best guides for the job. If you are a beginner or expert fly fisherman or woman we will help you tune your skills to be the best at this profound technique. We are experts in single handed rods, spey, and switch rod fishing.


(Single Handed Rods)


The techniques in which we will be teaching you is for single hand rods we will be learning how to nymph with an indicator and high sticking when we are fishing in lower water conditions. Dry fly fishing for Brook Trout and Brown Trout and the use of a dropper rig in which you can run a dry and nymph, emerger or wet fly under your dry fly. We also will teach you how to do a wet fly swing. When we are done with your day on the water you will be able to confidently and proficiently go on your local waters and produce fish.


(Spey, and switch rod fishing techniques)


The use of longer rods and different casts that will allow you to discover a different style of fishing. We will teach you how to proficiently cast A spey or switch rod so can make sufficient drift much like the single handed rods but with a few twist involved in it. The style of lines in which we use are the Skagit system and the Scandinavian heads all have a purpose in the way that we use them. You will learn how to dead drift nymphs and swing big streamers for Pacific Salmon and Steelhead with a floating line or sink tips and how to set up your spey or switch rod when you purchase your own.


(Float Trips)


Ricks Guide Service has A 16ft clacka craft drift boat that is comfortable and enjoyable to give you A nice float trip down the Salmon River. We have Coast Guard approved life jackets and leg locks for when you are standing to fish out of the boat. All of our guides are trained professionals in rowing down the river to insure your safety while in the boat. 



   We are booking our fall and winter steelhead trips Contacts us at     (315 - 532 - 5937 )

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